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Asset Allocation & Research


About Us


Asset Allocation & Research LLC (AAR) is a registered investment advisor in the United States.

AAR removes the typical risk of a Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM) by providing you with research that can be used, at your discretion, to truly diversify your client’s portfolios, based on your knowledge of the client’s risk level and investments goals, while leaving you in control of your clients’ portfolios.

One of the greatest risks to an investment portfolio is lack of diversification; in other words, concentrating all your investments with one fund manager or investment vehicle.

Outsourcing investment management frees you from day-to-day involvement in your clients’ investments, but it means losing control of your client’s money and putting all your client’s money in “one basket” with one Fund Manager. This is the very risk we all wish to avoid.

Taking into consideration the new normal of investment management, AAR places an emphasis on longer term investment trends underpinned by lower levels of global growth, lower levels of inflation and relatively lower interest rate levels, combined by higher levels of volatility.

In response, AAR have developed three base risk tolerance portfolios – Cautious, Balanced and Growth  . On top of this, for those seeking higher concentration within equities, AAR has also developed an Equity Only portfolio.

We also understand that your clients have individual investment characteristics including specific financial objectives, attitudes to risk, income requirements and ethical views. So in addition to our model portfolios, we also provide bespoke portfolio construction services.

As a valued client of AAR you can expect the following:

  • Four diversified model portfolios across the full risk spectrum – Cautious, Balanced, Growth and Equity Only.

  • Tailored solutions – Bespoke portfolio construction services.

  • Dedicated client servicing team.

  • Monthly market commentary on current economic conditions and outlook.

  • Quarterly reviews, detailing performance of the Model Portfolios from the previous quarter and also since inception.

  • No double layering of fees.

  • Liquidity and cost focused portfolios that invest into ETFs and other low cost providers.

  • Diversified portfolios that use a modern portfolio allocation focusing on global equities.

  • Available in USD and GBP. 

Asset Allocation & Research LLC is a registered investment adviser in the state of New Jersey.  Additional information about Asset Allocation & Research LLC is available on the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s website at

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